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Macmillan Cancer Support Garden

In June 2018 I won a coveted RHS Silver-Gilt ​medal for the Macmillan Legacy garden which I designed at RHS Chatsworth flower show.

The Macmillan Cancer Support Legacy Garden is a place of contemplation and reflection taking its inspiration from the work of the charity and highlighting the importance of legacy-giving in allowing its important work to continue.

A large oak tree rises up from broken paving and represents strength and resilience. It is surrounded by large boulders, which speak of the chaos that cancer may cause. A large mirrored panel reflects the area surrounding the garden and the onlookers into the garden as well as the garden out into the world. Smaller oak saplings and seedlings are woven through mixed perennial planting which evolves to become lush meadow, as if the garden is self seeding, it's momentum growing and creating its own legacy.

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